Institute for International Cooperation and Development

IICD Michigan was incorporated in 1997 as a not-for-profit organization in the state of Michigan. IICD Michigan is an independent research non-profit. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that IICD Michigan is an organization as described in the revenue code 501(c) 3. This means that IICD is exempt from federal taxation of its activities and that donors can deduct donations to IICD from the income declared in their tax return. The organization will not discriminate by race, ethnicity, national origins, religious belief, gender or orientation.




About IICD

IICD Michigan

The training is based on the following pedagogical principles:

  • You must go exploring to acquire new ideas - and to explore further to form better ideas.
  • You must get close to the things you want to learn about, the closer you get - the more you learn.
  • Together with your fellow students you must be the driving force behind everything- in order to learn much, the teacher's tricks won’t be enough, and your life is too important for that.
  • You should be forewarned- once you build up momentum you’ll want to do more and more, the deeper you dig into a question, the more you’ll want to know. There is much work in this but you’ll avoid being superficial and half-awake.
  • It isn’t possible to learn everything in the classroom- like the tip of an iceberg, perhaps only one tenth will be acquired in a classroom, and the rest comes later.
  • Only Adam was alone in the world- the rest of us are here together.
  • The things you learn should be put to use as soon as possible- so that others may learn from you, and you will learn these things twice as well when you teach them to others.
  • You must be mobile to encounter many things- otherwise things come to a halt. Even though your eyes may be popping out of your head, from just one place your vision is limited.
  • The above applies to the teachers as well.