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IICD Michigan was incorporated in 1997 as a not-for-profit organization in the state of Michigan. IICD Michigan is an independent research non-profit. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that IICD Michigan is an organization as described in the revenue code 501(c) 3. This means that IICD is exempt from federal taxation of its activities and that donors can deduct donations to IICD from the income declared in their tax return. The organization will not discriminate by race, ethnicity, national origins, religious belief, gender or orientation.


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IICD Michigan

During the Service Period the Development Instructors travel to be part of Humana People to People Projects in Africa.

Humana People to People has placed itself in the frontline of development and shoulder to shoulder with the Poor in the fight for change. Being part of civil society in many countries has earned the Humana People to People organizations a solid reputation of seriousness in development work and given extensive experience in implementing programs of many different kinds and under difficult conditions, in making things happen and in doing what it takes to reach goals.

Humana People to People organizations have been active for up to 32 years with long-term development projects within Training, Agriculture, the Fight against HIV, Community Development, Environmental Issues and Economic Development.

The combined efforts of Humana People to People organizations in Europe, North-America, Africa, Asia and Latin America have resulted in more than 360 development projects being implemented in 2011, reaching 12 million people and employing 9000.

We do not engage in a struggle against an abstract phenomena called poverty. We do engage in the concrete struggle side by side with the people, who are the Poor.

Nature does not, but societal developments of certain sorts do, produce the Poor. To root out the cause of the conditions for the Poor can be done as an action of man. With the base for the struggle being the Poor engaged in changing his own fate, we join forces with the Poor, governments, and progressive forces nationally and internationally in a collective effort to transform and in the long rung erase the existence of the conditions of the Poor.