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In our office the Development Instructors (DIs) have been working with the Pedagogical Workshops, the DNS database, the libraries book delivering and the renovating of the Milala primary school, one of the schools around Chilangoma DNS.

Pedagogical Workshops: We have 5 Pedagogical Workshops (PW) in total under DNS Chilangoma and 5 Pedagogical Workshops under Amalika DNS. In all these workshops we have different problems like electricity and lack of well functioning activities to put in place. The DIs come in with to help in PW like Nsanje and Mwanza, where they have helped in making sure that electricity is connected (though Nsanje is not yet but they are still pushing to make sure that it has electricity). They introduced competitions to maximize the library usage and make the library users to learn about books with good understanding by writing it in their own way. At the moment the PW are functioning well with different activities helping the learners and community members to grow in knowledge.

Database in DNS: We have three DNS at the moment and in two of this the DIs managed to come up with the database for all the students and also teach the teachers how to use it and how they can add more students if they want to.

Book delivery: We had a lot of books in our stores whereby they were needed to be distributed to different schools around Chilangoma DNS. In the first place the books were sorted out according to the level and subjects. After arranging the books were packed and distributed to 11 schools. This has been great as we are promoting reading culture in the schools.

Renovation of Milala Primary School: There has been some actions done by the DIs at Milala Primary School as it was not in good condition. Through the fundraising Eunji Kim made, Milala was renovated in all the class rooms by painting, re-roofing, plastering, fixing windows, doors and door frames. The DIs were included at all the activities done at the school.

Using solar bottle bulbs in the libraries having bats: When we visit the libraries we have been finding that there are a lot of bats and the room was not good at all. Now by looking at this the DIs came up with a suggestion of using the solar bottle bulb to provide the light in the room during the whole day as a way of making the bats leaving the room. So far they have install the bulbs in 2 schools.