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POSITION:Ecologic Farming Management Advisor and Instructor
JOB SITE: Dowagiac, Michigan
JOB DUTIES: Is responsible for programming and planning of the food production and experimental gardens at IICD and in the community. Is responsible for organic food production at IICD. Is responsible for working out proposals for implementing garden farming in Africa and Latin America. Is responsible for collection and analysis of crop production data, including crop types, acreage devoted to specific crops, data of planting, date of harvesting, and harvest data. Data will be collected from IICD gardens in US as well as from IICD development projects overseas. Employee will also conduct research on organic farming methods not already in use at IICD. Will give courses to Development Instructors (DI's) being trained at IICD in agriculture, farming methods, large scale, small plot, high efficiency and urban farming, organic self-made fertilizers and environmentally friendly enterprise behavior. Will give courses to DIs in environmental philosophies, green house gases and global warming. Will explain to DIs what people can do, the challenges, the present situation and future prospects. Will give courses to DIs in ecology, garden farming, income generation and product commercialization. Will give courses to DIs about crop rotation systems, prevention of degradation, and the importance of crop rotation, comparing crop rotation with monoculture in the Americas and Africa. Will give courses to DIs about small scale animal farming, chicken and egg production and free range animal husbandry. Will give workshops to DIs about small environmental projects like compost latrines, rainwater harvesting systems, low cost and drip irrigation systems. Will teach the DIs small scale business and community development. Will lead the DIs in their practical training in small scale business. Will lead the DIs in creating garden farming projects and selling organic products at the market places and in the communities.
TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: Employee will travel with Development Instructors once a month for one day to local market places and communities. No destination will be more than 20 miles from place of employment. Transportation will be provided by IICD.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A three or four year degree in agronomy, biology or related field is required. A foreign degree is acceptable.
EXPERIENCE: Candidate should also have had at least six months experience as a teacher or in a related position.
Candidate should also have had at least three months of field experience, paid or unpaid, in development project in Africa or Latin America.
Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience.
CONTACT: If you would like to apply for this position, please send resume to Line Henriksen, General Manager, 56968 Dailey Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047 by fax (269) 869-5913 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Leave Amenities Behind to Help Africa

Wyoming, MI – Johan Kazmirczak, a 25 year old native of Itaipulandia, Parana, Brazil is a person who has many reasons to be thankful.
He has shelter for a good night rest daily, a great job as a pharmacist in a hospital and a loving family who supports him in everything he does. For these reasons and many more, Kazmirczak has put his life on hold for an 18 month period to help others who are less fortunate.
In February 2013, the Brazilian man will travel to Africa, where he will spend six months participating in training programs to help local farmers, as well as projects to prevent the spread of AIDS.
For the past three months he has been preparing for the trip, taking classes, and learning about how his role will play into the African communities, at the Institute for International Cooperation and Development located in Dowagiac, MI, approximately 85 miles west of Wyoming.
On Friday November 30, 2012 Kazmirczak was at the entrance of Mexico Supermarket, located at 3355 Avenue S. Division seeking donations for the trip. From what we witnessed during our visit, the area’s Hispanic community is a caring community filled with great heart and compassion. Customer after customer, paid for their purchase and without saying a word, deposited their donations into the box the man was holding.
“My parents were volunteers in the church; they set the example for me to help others” Said Kazmirczak. “I have the time and desire to help those in Africa, there is much need there” he added. When asked about the date of his departure, he replied “I feel happy; it is a reality of a dream. When you help somebody, you are giving back twice.”
He is part of a team of likeminded people from various countries who will make the trip. This will be the first time he travels to Africa. While he has waived his salary to be a volunteer, he said he is very secure with the commitment he has made.
“I am ready,” said Kazmirczak “anxious to get to Africa and help with whatever I can.”

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To see the original article in Spanish visit El Informador ⓒ 2012


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